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Battery Balancer

Battery Balancer module is a mutual way energy transfer system with the working method of high-frequency pulse.it is widely used for lithium-ion batteries,lead acid batteries, NiMH batteries and Super capacitors.the main function is to balance the voltage of the batteries.

Through this way,It maintains the batteries in the long term running so that the lifespan of the battery pack is prolonged.the balancer module prevents the lead acid batteries from vulcanization and also has capability to repair vulcanization.

The balance solution of the balancer module:

Every balancer is connected to each battery in parallel and distributed, realizing long term online dynamic balancing. Via switch power technology, transfer the power of higher voltage batteries to the lower voltage batteries in the way of energy transfer.the transfer of electricity power is a mutual way,that is to say any cell with higher voltage will transfer to any cell with lower voltage at the same time.thus the voltage of the batteries get balanced.

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