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The difference between 21700 and 18650 lithium battery

The Tesla 21700 lithium battery is also one of the cylindrical lithium batteries is same as 18650 lithium battery, now there is only 21700 lithium batteries can meet the battery performance requirements of electric vehicles.

21700 Lithium battery

The energy density of the 21700 lithium battery is much higher than the 18650 battery because of its larger volume, higher space utilization. And it is widely used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, balance vehicles, solar energy systems, LED street lights, power tools, etc.; Tesla, Samsung, Panasonic, and LG are the leading batteries manufacturers

21700 lithium battery

Advantages of 21700 lithium battery

1. The capacity of the single 21700 lithium battery is increased by 35%. Taking the 21700 lithium battery produced by Tesla as an example, after switching from the 18650 model to the 21700 model, the battery cell capacity can reach 3 to 4.8 Ah, a significant increase of 35%. 

2. The energy density of the 21700 lithium battery system is increased by about 20%. According to the data disclosed by Tesla, the energy density of the 18650 lithium battery system used in the early days was about 250Wh/kg. Later, the energy density of the 21700 battery system produced by it was about 300Wh/kg. The volumetric energy density of the 21700 lithium battery was higher than the original 18650¡ªnearly 20% higher. 

3. The cost of the system is expected to drop by about 9%. From the analysis of battery price information disclosed by Tesla, the power lithium battery system of the 21700 battery is at $170/Wh, and the price of the 18650 battery system is $185/Wh. After using 21700 lithium batteries on Model 3, the cost of the battery system alone can reduce around 9%. 

4. The weight of the system is lighter, about 10%. The overall volume of the new 21700 lithium battery is more significant than that of the 18650 lithium battery. As the monomer capacity increases, the energy density of the monomer is higher, so the number of battery monomers required for the same energy can be reduced by about 1/3.

5. The battery's energy density is increased by more than 20%, and the energy density of the 21700 battery is better than that of the 18650 battery. According to the information disclosed by Tesla, under current conditions, the energy density of its 21700 lithium battery system is about 300Wh/kg, which is about 20% higher than the 250Wh/kg of its original 18650 battery system. 

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