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Here you can see an electric bus conversion project with our ligoo bms.
the battery pack is 144v200Ah CALB battery pack. there are 48pcs 200Ah
LiFePO4 battery cells.
the battery pack can provide as much as 30kwh energy with fully charged.
we use 4kw TC charger.
its really amazing truck!

ligoo BMS photo
ligoo BMS for electric truckligoo BMS for electric truck
ligoo BMS for e-truckligoo BMS for e-truckligoo bme for evligoo bms for ev
ligoo bms help ev conversionligoo bms to convert e-truck
e-truck ligoo bmsligoo bms to convert small e-truck

Next News: delivery of e-bike battery pack

Shipping of 6pcs ligoo BMS and 2pcs 2kw Tc charger

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