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ThundersSky Winston LiFeYPO4 Batteries used for EV Applications

A Russian client made a 250V 90Ah LiFePO4 Battery pack for his EV with 78 Thundersky Winston TSWB-90AHA 3.2V 90Ah LiFeYPO4 Battery cells in series, in order to arrange the layout reasonably, he placed 28 of the 78 thundersky batteries in the front of the electric car, 24 in the back seat, and 13 in the trunk, and then connected them in series. 

thundersky batteries 

These Thundersky Winston batteries provide more than 22KWh of energy, have a cycle life of more than 8,000 cycles, and can be used stably for more than 25 years. Customers have used them for more than six years, and the performance of these batteries is still powerful. Thanks to the battery's excellent low-temperature performance and wide operating temperature range, customers can still use it well in Russia's low-temperature climate.

Winston LYP battery

Because the positive active material of Winston LYP battery is made of fluorine compound and rare earth, while the negative electrode active substance is made of nano-carbon fiber and artificial graphite, so it is being charged with high current. It can keep its inherent molecular mechanism unchanged, strong lattice, impact resistance, high safety, wide temperature resistance, long life and so on.

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