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Performance analysis of lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery

Lithium-iron phosphate battery is a new type of secondary power source developed in recent years. It has the characteristics of large input and output power, wide operating temperature range, no memory effect, maintenance free, 2000 charge-discharge service life, safety and green environmental protection, and is becoming the leading role of chemical batteries.  The main material of lithium iron phosphate battery is carbon, the main material of lithium iron phosphate is LiFePO4, and the electrolyte uses LIPF6 organic solvent. The basic principle of charge and discharge is the embedding and stripping of lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes.  

Platform of lithium iron phosphate battery voltage of 3.2 V, 2 times more than energy is also a lead-acid battery, and the volume ratio energy lead-acid battery is 4 ~ 5 times, if the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries instead of lead-acid batteries used in photovoltaic power generation system, can greatly reduce battery of space, reducing maintenance workload, lithium iron phosphate battery and lead acid battery conventional performance comparison of two kinds of cells.  Project lithium iron phosphate battery lead-acid battery nominal voltage /V3.22.0 mass specific energy/(Whkg-1) 9040 volume specific energy/(WhL-1) 19070 self-discharge (28 days) /% 1010 10 operating temperature range is -20
55best operating temperature range is 5 ~ 50  

LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium-iron phosphate battery can choose power type or energy type, which has a wide range of applications and a greater improvement in safety than lead-acid battery.  At the same time, the rate of lithium iron phosphate battery is 5C ~ 15C, and the conversion efficiency is more than 95%, while the rate of lead-acid battery is 0.1C ~ 1C, and the conversion efficiency is more than 80%.  Therefore, in terms of energy storage efficiency, lithium iron phosphate batteries have obvious advantages.  

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