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LiFePO4 Battery: 7 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

It¡¯s no secret that most of the electronic equipments are powered by the Lithium ion batteries these days. The transformation from conventional battery types to the rechargeable ones was a great one. Previously, there had been various issues and discussions regarding the disposal of batteries and their effects on the environment. On comparison, the lithium batteries have excelled over the lead-acid batteries.

Notably, the Lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 battery is mostly preferred by the manufacturers of electric vehicles due to several reasons. Recently, the researches and surveys forecast a tremendous growth of the LiFePO4 battery market. There are some amazing facts of this battery type. Here, is a list of them briefly explained.

  • Higher life cycles of recharging

The rechargeable property of the Lithium ion batteries is known to everyone because the daily usage of Smartphones and Tablets. Similarly, the LiFePO4 batteries used in the electric vehicles, power systems, mining equipments, etc. have a higher life cycle, which indeed is a feature highlighting its longer life.

  • No excessive heating

After various experimentations and tests, the LiFePO4 was determined as extremely advantageous over the lead-acid types. One of the notable facts that one would like to discover about LiFePO4 batteries is that they do not cause excessive heating, which was not a property of the old battery types. This is one of the prominent reasons why manufacturers use them for electric vehicles.

  • Low self discharge rate

The particular chemical combination of LiFePO4 battery is much better than other lithium ion approaches. They have a low and constant discharge rate that efficiently gives full power until completely discharged. Moreover, voltage regulation circuitry is no more an issue for this battery kind as it simplifies or just eliminates its requirement.

  • Heavy duty performance

Whenever used with an equipment or system, the batteries are required to deliver maximum performance. Installation of Headway battery can easily fulfill that requirement of those systems. The batteries available in various capacities can deliver heavy duty performance and that too for a long time.

  • Cost-effective features

Due to the rechargeable composition, the LiFePO4 battery is definitely a cost-effective one. They can deliver high performance without any thermal runaways or any other issues. Vehicle or equipment manufacturers can buy them at competitive price range after calling for quotations from different dealers.

  • Reliable on safety issues

This is a prominent issue that is always discussed upon due to the importance of a battery. For this particular aspect too, the LiFePO4 battery does not disappoint at once. The other battery types like of Lead-acid has vulnerable properties. But, in case of LiFePO4, the chemical composition is stable, making them much safer even while mishandling them.

  • Comparatively environment-friendly

The need of the hour is to protect the environment from hazardous materials. For that reason, the LiFePO4 is considered the best battery power option. Unlike the lead-acid and cobalt battery types, the LiFePO4 is an environment friendly option that does not decompose even at higher temperatures.

The above facts truly indicate their advantages and eligibility for maximum usage.

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