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2 units 48V100Ah battery packs shipped to Australia

Recently we delivered 2 units of EVL 48V100Ah 5KWH LiFePO4 battery packs to our Australian client. The batteries will be used for his solar energy storage system. The client will connect these 2 batteries in parallel to get a 48V200Ah 10kwh system and he prefers not to connect the communication ports for simplicity. 

48v100ah lifepo4 battery

These 48v 100ah 5kwh LiFePO4 batteries were packed into 2 cartons with a total gross weight of 105kg, the volume is 0.22CBM. We shipped them to the port of Sydney, which is the closest port for the customer.

The 48V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack is based on the lithium iron phosphate battery, through the reliable BMS system and high-performance balanced technology, the product has the characteristic of flexible configuration and high reliability. 48V100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack is widely used in distributed energy, power grid energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, data room and other applications.

The cycle life of 48v100Ah LiFePO4 Battery pack is around 2000 times ,and it has wild Operating temperature.

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