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Home > Hot Product>Customized 12V 18V 24V 36V 18650 LiFePO4 Battery Module Pack

Customized 12V 18V 24V 36V 18650 LiFePO4 Battery Module Pack

Customized 26650 lfp lifepo4 battery module

Evlithium offers E-series LFP battery, available in a variety of capacities, to be used as the building block
of a larger energy storage system by assembling in series or parallel. The modular approach allows for
flexible configurations to match almost any voltage and capacity requirements. Prototype system can be
assembled faster than any time previously, therefore reducing project development time and decreasing
non-recurring engineering expense. They have been successfully used in energy storage systems, AGV,
forklifts etc. Excellent cycle life and maintenance free design offers end-users complete peace of mind.

Module Specs

12V 24V 36V LFP Lithium battery

BMU Intro


OV(Over Voltage), UV(Under Voltage), OT(Over Temperature) protection
Interact with vehicle management unit (VMU) or system controller
Charge control
Inter-module balance
Data collecting


Monitor temperature, voltage, current, SOC, battery module error information
One BMS can manage multiple battery modules
CANbus or RS-485 communications for control and management  
Digital and analog I/O
Battery-to-battery balance control
Pre-discharge and pre-charge control 
Control of up to 4 contactors 
Insulation measurement
Sleep mode when key signal 'OFF'



operates at 10V - 150V


operates at 100V-450V


operates at 350V-700V



External communication

CAN 2.0b, 125, 250,  500 Kbit/s, standard frames or RS-485

Monitoring parameters

State-of-charge, error codes, system pack balance

Voltage, current, temperature


Chassis  to battery insulation measurement

Operating humidity

5% - 95%,  non-condensing

Mechanical enclosure

IP56, UL 94V-0 (4x) 5 mm mounting holes


FCC Class B, CE