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Home > Hot Product>Linde t20ap pallet trucks lithium lifepo4 battery 24V250Ah

Linde t20ap pallet trucks lithium lifepo4 battery 24V250Ah

We have designed a 24V250Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery pack to instead the lead-acid battery pack of the linde t20ap pallet truck.

LinDe T20AP Pallet trucks lithium battery

As we know, here are a lot of problems of the lead-acid batteries:
the lead-acid batteries produce combustible hydrogen and have
a pungent odor when they were charged, making them less environmentally friendly and 
the cycle life decays rapidly with the
number of charges, the charging time of lead-acid battery is longer 
than the service life after charging. Customers with a large
number of operations need to configure multiple sets of batteries and
frequently change batteries during operation.The daily
maintenance of lead-acid batteries is complicated and the labor cost is high.

linde t20p 24V250AH lithium battery

The linde T20AP Lithium Battery is fully closed and maintenance-free, there is no gas generated when it is charging, the lithium 
battery has the function of quick charging, the full charging time is 1-2 hours, the customer can use the lunch break or other working
interval time to replenish the power at any time, can greatly reduce the ratio of spare battery.

Linde T20AP 24V250Ah LiFePO4 battery pack have a life of 3500-4000 cycles at 80%DOD, at the same capacity, the lithium battery
pack is lighter and smaller 
than lead-acid batteries.

The charging efficiency of lifepo4 battery is 95%, compared with 75% of lead-acid battery. This means that when the battery is full of
the same capacity, the power required for lithium battery charging is more than 20% less than that of lead-acid battery. For customers
with large battery usage, the saving of electricity charge is a very considerable cost reduction.

Evlithium is a leading Lithium Battery pack supplier of Forklifts, Pallet trucks from China, we provide 24V, 48V, 60V and 80V Lithium
Battery for 
all kinds of Forklifts and trucks like, BYD Forklift Lithium battery pack, Toyota Forklift Lithium battery pack, Linde T20AP and
other modules of forklifts and trucks lithium battery Pack.

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