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Home > Hot Product>Samsung SDI 3.7V2600mAh 18650 lithium battery

Samsung SDI 3.7V2600mAh 18650 battery

We provide Samsung SDI icr18650-26 series battery,This is an outstanding cell for those who like high capacity without sacrificing
a lot of discharge/drain capability. This is cell is a competitor of the well-known Sony/MuRata VTC6 cell, in which the Samsung 30Q
performs very similar and closely with. Many consumers will argue the better of the two, although that is subjective to each persons
own demands and needs for their device.

This cell has a high capacity of 2600 mAh in energy and a true maximum continuous discharge/drain rating of 15 amps without any
temperature cut involved. It has an outstanding cycle life as well and that should be definitely considered in your purchasing decision,
along with its other attributes as well. This cell runs very efficiently and is very stablewhen used 15 amps. This is another great cell that
many use in power packs, higher output power banks, BMS's, power tools, and high performance flashlights. This cell has proven itself
time and again and is very versatile for may applications.
Samsung SDI lithium batteryICR 18650 rechargeable lithium battery



 Nominal Capacity

2600mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)

Minimum Capacity

2550mAh(0.2C, 2.75V discharge)

Charging Voltage

4.2  0.05 V

 Nominal Voltage


Charging Method

CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)

Charging Current

Standard charge: 1300mA Rapid charge : 2600mA

 Charging Time

Standard charge : 3hours Rapid charge : 2.5hours

Max. Charge Current

2600mA(ambient temperature 25)

Max. Discharge Current

5200mA(ambient temperature 25)

Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Cell Weight

47.0g max

Cell Dimension

Height : 65.00mm max Diameter : 18.40mm max

Operating Temperature

Charge : 0 to 45 Discharge: -20 to 60

Storage Temperature

3 months :-20~45(1*)     1 month : -20~60(1*)

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