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CATL NCM Lithium Ion Batteries

Now we provide 3.7V50Ah NCM Lithium Ion batteries manufactured from CATL,one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers from China.

Here are four advantages of our 3.7V50Ah CATL ncm batteries

1.A high energy density. 
The energy density of a battery is the amount of energy released per unit volume or mass of the battery,the higher
   the energy density of the battery, the more energy is stored per unit volume.The energy density of LiFepo4 batteries is around 150wh/kg
   and the energy density of CATL ncm battries is around 200wh/kg.

2.A good cycling performance. The cycle life of ternary lithium battery is about 3000 times.

3.A long battery life. According to the calculation of 1000 times of ternary battery circulation, a complete charge and discharge in three days
   can achieve a service life of 8.3 years. Even with the loss process, it can also reach more than 7 years.

4.A Good low temperature performance. The low-temperature limit of NCM lithium battery is -30íŠ and the low-temperature discharge
   performance is good. Under the same low temperature as that of lithium iron phosphate battery, the range of attenuation in winter is less
   than 15%, significantly higher than that of lithium iron phosphate battery.

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