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Customized 25.6V 36Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack

25.6V 36ah lifepo4 battery pack25.6V 36ah lifepo4 battery pack

These batteries are specifically used for farm equipment, which means they are exposed to a challenging working environment and are at risk of being accidentally dropped from a height of 1 meter. This 25.6v 36ah lifepo4 battery pack is composed of 8S9P configuration, has the nominal voltage and capacity of 25.6V 36Ah, a continuous discharge current of 15A, a light weight of around 7.5kg, and we customized handles on the battery pack for portabilly.


Rated voltage: 25.6V
Rated capacity: 36Ah
Minimum capacity: 35Ah
Maximum discharge current: 30A£¨5S)
Continuous discharge current:15A
Discharge termination current: 20V
Charging voltage: 8.8V
Recommended charging current: 7A
Weight: around7.5Kg¡À0.5kg

dimension of 25.6v 36ah lifepo4 battery pack

packing details of 25.6V 36Ah lifepo4 battery pack

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