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12v 50ah Lithium iron Phosphate Lifepo4 Battery Pack

12v 50ah lifepo4 batterylifepo4 battery 12v 50ah

Features of 12V 50Ah lifepo4 battery

  • Safe, Environmental Friendly, and pollution-free
  • Long Battery Life, >2000 Cycles
  • Constant capacity, high fast charge efficiency
  • Energy density is 70% greater than that of lead-acid batteries

Product Details

Operation Cycle Life : Over 2000times

Internal Resistant : ¡Ü60m¦¸
Size : 229*138*208mm
Weight : 8.8kg
Operation Temperature : 0-50¡ãC
Warranty : 2 Years or 2000timcs whichever comes first
Transfer Certificates : UN38.3,MSDS

Battery Cells : LiFePO4 battery
Rate Voltage : 12.8V
Rate Capacity : 60AH
Rated Power : 640WH
Battery Pack Combination : 4S1P
Battery System Charge Current (Standard) : 10A
Battery Pack Charge Current (Normal) : ¡Ü20A
Battery Pack Discharge Current (Max.) : 150Ah 10Sec

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