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1.8KW LiFePO4 On Board Charger

1.8KW LiFePO4 Charger

Here is the Charger designed for LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
the power of the charger is 1.8kw
There are different modules of the charger
48V25A LiFePO4 Charger
72V25A LiFePO4 Charger
96V16A LiFePO4 Charger
Weight of the Charger is only 1.8kg. its one of best Charger for your LiFePO4 Battery Pack

1.8KW LiFePO4 Charger

1. Overview

HK-H series 1.8KW charger was specially designed for supplying the electricity for electric vehicle’s power battery, on the basis of the national standards
for the charger. This product has the advantages of not only only high efficiency, small size, high stability, long lifespan, but also high protection grade,
and high reliability and complete protection function, etc. It’s definitely an ideal charging power supply for f electric vehicles.

This charger has built-in heat-sensing device and can automatic recover through the thermal protection. Fully sealed potting process and up to IP67
protection level ensures no causing trouble in any complex environment.

1.Key Feature:

Fully sealed potting process,

Work reliably under -35- +85

water cooling ( modular optional)

Built in thermal sensor

Cut off output under dangerous operations conditions

(internal 95)

Protection level IP67


safely in the short-term immersion conditions

2. Essential Parameter



Max Output




Power Factor











(half-load more)







(half-load more)







(half-load more)

3. Features




Stand-by Consumption


Output Mode


Output Power

1800W@220VAC 700W@110VAC

Main Output

CV Accuracy


CC Accuracy


Ripple Voltage Coefficient



CAN Communication


Baud Rate



Terminal Resistance


12V Output

Load Capacity of 200 mA, Output controllable

12V5A (Optional Output Function)

Output Mode

Constant Voltage

Output Voltage


Rated Current


Low Voltage

CV Accuracy



Maximum Current


Output Power


Ripple Voltage Coefficient


4.Protection function

Input Over-voltage Protection


Input Under-voltage Protection


Output Over-voltage Protection

Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output voltage

Output Under-voltage Protection

Stop the output when below -5% of the minimum output voltage

Output Over-current Protection

Stop the output when exceeds + 1% of the maximum output current

Over-temperature Protection

Power down from 85 and turn off at 90

Short-circuit Protection

Stop Output

Battery Reverse Connect Protection

Fuse Burn-out

Ground Protection


CAN communication Protection

Automatically stop the output when CAN communication fails

Power-off Protection


5. Safety and others

Input to Output2000VAC10mA

Withstand Voltage

Input to Ground2000VAC12mA

Output to Ground2000VAC10mAall 1min

Insulation Resistance

Input, output, signal terminal to casing10MΩ

Testing Voltage 1000VDC


GB/T 18487.3-2001




GB/T 18487.3-2001



Harmonic Current

GB   17625.1-2003

Inrush Starting Current


Current-rise Time


Close Response time

100% 10%50mS100% 0%200mS

Protection Level


Vibration Resistance

1025Hz Amplitude1.2mm25500Hz 30m/s28hrs per direction


60dB(A Level)



Work Environment

Relative Temp 5%-95% No condensation

Working Temperature

-35 ~ +85

Storage Temperature

-55 ~ +100

6. Installation size, label requirements and interface definitions

1). Installation size,Label


         Label ( based on the actual situation)

2). Interface Definitions

7. LED status

1). Initial State

Red Off Green Off Red Off Green Off Red Off Green Off Red Off Green Off

2). Charging State

Red Off Red Off Red Off Red Off Red Off Red Off Red Off Red Off

3). Stand-by State

Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off Green Off

4). Fault State

Red Green Red Green……………Other error status word error

Red Green…………………………Wrong Battery

Red Green Red……………………Wrong Communication

Green Red…………………………Wrong Input Voltage

Green Red Green…………………Internal Temperature Protection

Green Red Green Red……………Wrong Hardware

8. Charging Curve

1). CC/CV Charging mode(for Lithium Battery)

U1= U23 U2= n ×2.5VU3=Maximum voltage for the battery pack I1= I22 I2=Maximum charging current for the battery packI3= I62

Pre-chargeIt only enters into pre-charging process when the battery pack voltage is under U2 ( The charger does not start when battery
pack is under U1), then it operates in a constant current charging I1, finally, the pre-charging process is completed when voltage rises to U2.

CC ChargingIt operates in a constant current charging I2, then the CC charging ends when voltage reaches to U3.

CV ChargingConstant voltage charging with U3, the whole charging process is completed when current reduces to U3

2). Different brand-name of lead-acid batteries have different kinds of charging curves.

Below shows a typical charging curve for Chilwee battery:

9. Expansion Function

Choose the accessories according to the actual needs: 1). Thermal Sensor Interface (for lead-acid battery charger)

Thermal Sensor is recommended to lead-acid battery charger, to detect the temperature of the battery and compensate charging voltage,

2). 12V Output

Charger provides a rating voltage 12V0.2A signal output. Its electrical connections is isolated from the interior circuit of the charger for
external application function extension. Note that this 12V with LED indicator output interface are common-grounded. The independent
12V output can supply power for the battery management system. Output 12V-5A.

3). LED Output Interface

Charger provides Red, Green two LED interface or Red, Yellow, Green three LED interface. Its electrical connections is isolated from
the interior circuit of the battery charger for external application function extension.

4). ENABLE Signal (for Lithium battery charger): External control circuit must be independent circuit

As for lithium battery charger, it’s essential to use an enable signal to control the charger’s work or close. Isolated circuit (such as Relay
or Optocoupler) shall be adopted to control the charger’s work or close. Note that if the control circuit is not independent, it lead to
damage of the charger.

5). Charging Lock up Signal(for lead acid battery)

Charger provides a set of relay normally closed contact as charging locking signal output. When the charger has no electricity, the contact
connects, while the charger connects to the AC power supply, the contact disconnects immediately. The rated current of contact is 1A,
withstand voltage 30VDC / 250VAC.

10. Appearance Requirements


1). Outer surface should be smooth without obvious defects such as scratch, deformation. Surface coating should be uniform.

2). The nameplates and signs should be installed firmly with the neat handwriting.

3). Spare parts should be fastened reliably without rust, burrs, cracks and other defects and damage


4). Each product should be marked with product identification in obvious place, including part number, product brand,
     product type, production number, name of production enterprises, the warning message, etc

11. Packaging, Transport and Storage

1). Packaging

On the packing box, there are product name, product part number, product brand, product type, production number and name of
manufacturer; In packing box, along with the technical documents, it includes packing list, quality certificate, product specification.

2). Transportation

Suitable for cars, boats, aircraft, transportation. The products have to be prevented against sunshine and moisture and in a civilized

3). Storage

Product should be stored in the packing box when it is not used and be maintained in a 5 to 40 clean, dry and well-ventilated
environment. It should not be stored together with chemicals, acid and alkali substances etc,. Should avoid storing in the sun, fire,
water and avoid storing with corrosive substances. The storage period is 2 years (from the inventory date of the factory). After the
2 years of storage period, the products should still comply with the provisions of the relevant standards.

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