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Choosing the Perfect LiFePo4 Battery for Your Trolling Moto

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Trolling motors stand as indispensable gear for dedicated anglers, granting precise control over boat movement and positioning, elevating the fishing experience significantly. Typically reliant on a 12V or 24V battery system, while traditional lead-acid batteries suffice, the newer lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries offer distinct advantages for propelling your trolling motor. This guide aims to offer size recommendations, aiding in the selection of the optimal LiFePo4 battery for your specific trolling motor.

Advantages of LiFePo4 Batteries

Compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePo4 batteries boast several advantages:

Lighter Weight: Facilitating easier transport and installation, a LiFePo4 battery can weigh 60% less than a comparable lead-acid battery.
Extended Lifespan: Providing over 2000 cycles, LiFePo4 batteries surpass the 300-400 cycles typically offered by lead-acid counterparts.
Rapid Charging: LiFePo4 batteries charge significantly faster and retain their charge better during periods of inactivity.
Enhanced Performance: They deliver consistent power output, even in cold weather conditions, where lead-acid batteries often falter.
Safety: LiFePo4 batteries eliminate the risk of hazardous lead and acid leaks, ensuring a safer operation.

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LiFePo4 Battery Sizing Recommendations

When determining the appropriate LiFePo4 battery size, consider your motor's power demands and required operational duration. Below are general sizing recommendations:

12V, 30-50 lb thrust trolling motor: Opt for a 100Ah battery or larger for over 4 hours of runtime. Common choices include 100Ah or 110Ah batteries.
12V, 50-80 lb thrust trolling motor: Select a 130Ah+ LiFePo4 battery for 4+ hours of power. Aim for 140-150Ah for extended, all-day fishing sessions.
24V, 70-100 lb thrust trolling motor: Pair two 100Ah LiFePo4 batteries in series for ample power throughout the day. Consider larger capacities for extended usage.
24V, 100-120 lb thrust trolling motor: For larger motors, opt for a minimum of 200Ah capacity. Two 140Ah batteries in series make a suitable choice.
Ensure the LiFePo4 battery comes from a reputable brand such as GoKWh. Steer clear of cheaper, unbranded batteries that might compromise performance or safety. Investing in a quality LiFePo4 battery guarantees reliable power for seasons ahead.


Upgrading to a LiFePo4 battery stands as an excellent method to optimize your trolling motor, maximizing fishing time. Follow the provided sizing recommendations to secure a battery offering substantial runtime for prolonged journeys. With the appropriate LiFePo4 battery fueling your motor, you'll possess an efficient, advanced system to explore diverse waters and reel in more catches.

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