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CORNEX & Goldwind Carbon Neutral: Energy Storage Agreement


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At the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (ESIE2024) held on April 11th at the Shougang Exhibition & Convention Center in Beijing, CORNEX and Goldwind Carbon Neutral sealed a significant deal. They inked a procurement agreement for 1GWh worth of energy storage battery cells. Du Yingying, CORNEX's vice president, and Sun Yue, assistant general manager and head of the smart energy storage division at Goldwind Carbon Neutral, represented their respective organizations in signing the agreement. Bu Xiangnan, CORNEX's executive vice president, and Pan Yantian, business vice president of Goldwind and chairman of Goldwind Carbon Neutral, stood witness to the signing.

This collaboration marks a concerted effort between CORNEX and Goldwind Carbon Neutral towards energy transformation and technological innovation. They intend to foster a deep strategic partnership, establishing mechanisms for high-level exchange visits and forming a cooperation coordination group to focus on emerging technologies, business models, and formats in the new energy sector. Leveraging their combined resource strengths, the two entities will jointly expand market reach, intensify technological innovation, and enhance supply chain interactions. Through this multifaceted cooperation, they aim to establish a mutually beneficial, enduring partnership, bolstering market competitiveness and contributing significantly to the evolution and innovation of the energy storage industry.

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