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Choosing your RV Batteries: lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries?

Water and electricity systems are the two necessary parts of RVs, the water system has been solved very well for most of RVs, but the part of electricity system need to spend more thoughts and more cost. At present, there are two main types of batteries in the market:  lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, and which battery is best for your RV?

lithium rv battery


With the development of new energy, the research and development and use of lithium batteries have made great progress, many rv refitted also began to use lithium batteries.  At present, the mainstream lithium battery in the market has two kinds of lithium iron phosphate battery and three lithium battery. The car uses lithium iron phosphate battery more, because it is safer and more stable. 

Cycle Life

At present, the more popular material system is ternary and lithium iron, ternary power lithium battery cycle number is usually more than 1000 times, lithium iron phosphate battery cycle number is more than 2000 times, lead-acid battery cycle number is usually only 300~350 times, so the service life of lithium battery is about 3-6 times of lead-acid battery.


At present, the energy density of lithium batteries is generally between 160~230Wh/kg, and that of lead acid is between 40~70Wh/kg, because of this, lithium batteries can save quite a bit of volume and weight in comparison to the traditional lead-acid batteries for the same capacity.


The depth of discharge of a battery refers to the percentage of the battery that has been discharged (used) relative to its overall capacity within a charge cycle.  A lithium battery with an overall capacity of 100Ah (amp hours) will give you 80Ah-90Ah (or discharge to 80%-90%), while lead-acid batteries offer 50Ah (or discharge of 50%) before needing to recharge.

The Lithium battery pack does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, more green environmental protection.  There is a lot of lead in lead-acid batteries, which will easily cause secondary pollution to the environment if disposed improperly.

Compared to Lead Acid battery, Lithium RV battery is much smaller on dimension and the weight is only around 40%, which help you save a lot of space in your RV. secondly, the lithium RV battery works much better than lead acid battery in low temperature in winter and has  a super long cycle life, the lifespan of lithium RV battery is as much as 3 times of lifespan of lead acid battery. Lithium RV battery with its superior performance will become the first choice of your RV.

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