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Battery Balance: Balancer, Charger, and Cable

Battery Balancer

The battery balance balancer is a device that ensures the batteries of your electric vehicle are charged and discharged evenly. It also keeps the batteries fresh and healthy by preventing overcharging and over-discharging. You can use the charger to charge both lead-acid and Lithium batteries, with the maximum charging current up to 200A. We use a multi-stage charging algorithm for this application, which allows us to charge at a faster rate than conventional linear chargers for the LiFePO4 battery type.

Batteries are an important part of our everyday lives. They allow us to start vehicles, power portable electronics, and keep backup generators running in the event of a storm. As technology advances, so do the ways we use batteries to run our lives. A battery balancer is a device used to equalize the charge of two or more batteries. The balancing act between these cells prevents overcharging, which can cause damage and shorten the overall lifespan of your batteries.

Battery Balance Charger

A battery balance charger is a gadget that enables you to charge your devices' batteries efficiently and safely. It helps prolong the life of your batteries by ensuring that they are fully charged without overcharging them. The best part about this device is that it automatically shuts off once the charging process has been completed.

A battery charger is an electronic device that charges a rechargeable battery by passing an electric current through it. The charger supplies electric power to the connected load. A charger designed for use on a specific type of battery will have settings suited to the type of battery being charged.

Nowadays, the advancement of science and technology also drives the development of many other industries. One of them is the electric vehicle industry. With high-quality battery balance chargers, your electric vehicles can enjoy a fast charging process without damaging themselves or shortening their battery life. A balanced battery is an ideal concept in lithium-ion batteries. It refers to the state where the voltage of each cell in a multi-cell battery pack is as close to being equal with every other cell while maintaining the correct voltage for that battery pack.

Battery Balance Cable

The balance connector is used for charging and discharging Lithium batteries. The batteries are connected in parallel with the balance connector to charge or discharge them. The maximum current of each battery depends on the capacity of the battery. The charging current must be within 0.05C-3C, where C is the battery's rated capacity in AH (Amps per hour). If overcharged, excessive heat will cause fire, so it's forbidden to charge more than 3A.

The battery balance cable is an important part of the battery charging system in lead-acid batteries. It is designed to connect two or more series-connected batteries used for the DC power supply. It has some advantages compared with other technology balancing systems, such as microcomputer control and automatic. The main function of the battery balance cable is to make sure that each cell voltage in a series-connected battery pack reaches the same.

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