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Lithium iron phosphate lifepo4 battery 12V 100ah

lifepo4 battery 12V 100ah

Battery type: LiFePO4 battery pack
Model number: EVL128100
Normal voltage: 12.8v
Capacity: 100Ah
Charge temperature: 0íŠ~45튠
Discharge temperature: -20íŠ~60íŠ

Size: 330*173*216 mm

Weight: 13kg

Key Features of LiFePO4 Battery 12V 100Ah :

1) Longer Cycle Life: 

Longer cycle life than lead acid battery, helping to minimize replacement cost and reduce total cost of ownership.

2) Lighter Weight: 

About 50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.

3) Higher Power: 

Delivers twice power of lead acid battery, even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity. 

4) Safety: 

Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact overcharging or short circuit situation

details of 12v 100ah lifepo4 batterydimensions of 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery

dimension of 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery




Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Cycle Life

íŢ2000 cycles @ 1C   100% DOD

Charge Voltage


Max. Charge Current

50A (can be customized)

Max. discharge Current

100A (can be customizedúę

Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Charge Temperature

0튠to 45íŠ

Discharge Temperature

-20튠to 60íŠ

Approx. Dimensions


Approx. Weight



This 12V 100Ah lifepo4 battery pack can be widely used in Wheelchairs and scooters, Solar/wind energy storage, Back-up power for small UPS, Golf trolleys & buggies, Kid electric cars, etc. applications. 

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