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Home > Hot Product>32700 lifepo4 3.2V 6000mah rechargeable battery cell

32700 lifepo4 battery

32700 lifepo4 3.2V 6000mah rechargeable battery cell


Nominal Capacity:6Ah
AC impedance: <10m
Nominal Votage:3.2V
Cell weight: 140g
Cell size:32.2*70.5mm
Cycle life:2000 cycles

Quality 32700 LiFePO4 Battery cell used for Power Tools, Home Appliances, BOATS, Golf Carts,




LiFePO4 32700, can replace LiFePO4 32650 with same size but higher capacity

Standard Voltage  

3.2 V

Standard Capacity

6000 mAh (at 0.5C discharge

Charging Condition

 Standard charge: 3000mA / 0.25 Constant Current Charge to 3.650.05V

 Then with Constant Voltage at 3.65V , charge until 0.3A cut off

 Maximum charge current: 6000mA / 1C

Discharging Condition

 Cut-off Voltage: 2.0V

 Standard discharge current: 3000mA/0.5C

 Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 12A / 2C

 Pulse Discharge Current: 18A, 10s / 3C

Operation Temperature

 Charging:    0 - 65

 Discharging:  - 20 - 60 

Cycle Performance

 100% Nominal Capacity after 2000 times standard charge and discharge

Dimensions(D x H)

32.20.3mm (1.26") x 70.50.3mm (2.78")




  • Only use LiFePO4 battery charger to charge this cell.
  • Wrong type of charger used will cause cell to explode.
  • You must limit charging & discharging current below Max. rate

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