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Lithium RV Battery

We provide full power solution for Energy Storage System for RV.

There are 12V100Ah, 12V200Ah and 12V300Ah Lithium battery backup sytem with BMS integrated and a indicator show status of the battery pack.
The battery pack encloused by a metal case with dusty/water proof function. it can be charged by 110VAC/220VAC grid outlet. also can work together
with the solar power system, chargered by inverter directly 

lithium rv batteryRV LiFePO4 Battery USA

Total weight of the 3.6kwh battery backup system for RV is only around 18kg, 
we can provide design serive on power solution for your RV.

Q: Why would you need extra Lithium RV battery pack?
A:  Gerenally speaking, original RV battery pack is not big enough for long time working when you stay one night in your RV. Extra RV lithium battery pack
     takes extra power supply for your RV. normally a 5kwh Lithium RV Battery pack would takes 24hours daily working time.
Q:  Why need Lithium RV Battery rather than Lead Acid battery?
A:  Compared to Lead Acid battery, Lithium RV battery is much smaller on dimension and the weight is only around 40%, which help you save a lot of space
     in your RV. secondly, the lithium RV battery works much better than lead acid battery in low temperature in winter and has super long cycle life, the lifespan
     of lithium RV battery is as much as 3 times of lifespan of lead acid battery.

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