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CATL CBC00 3.2V 314Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cell For ESS

catl 314ah lifepo4 battery cellcatl 314ah lifepo4 battery cell

The CATL 314Ah LiFePO4 battery cell is a high-capacity battery cell that is used for energy storage systems, it is a upgrade of CATL 280ah lifepo4 battery cells, and 314ah lifepo4 cell has 12% higher capacity than 280ah lifepo4 cell in the same dimensions; It is manufactured by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), a Chinese battery manufacturer.

This battery cell has a capacity of 314Ah and a nominal voltage of 3.2V. It is designed to provide high energy density and long cycle life. The battery cell is also known for its high safety performance and reliability.

The CATL 314Ah LiFePO4 battery cell is commonly used in energy storage systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It can be used in conjunction with other battery cells to create larger battery packs with higher capacities.



Typical capacity

314 Ah

Typical Energy


Operating voltage

2.5~3.65V, T>0C

2.0~3.65V, T0C

Impedance (1KHz)

0.170.05mΩ, Fresh cell (~30%SOC)

Shipping capacity


Standard charge power

0.5P, 252C

Max. continuous charge power


Standard charge voltage

Cell max voltage 3.65V

Standard discharge power

0.5P, 252C

Maximum discharge power (continuous)


Discharge cut-off voltage

2.5V, T>0C

2.0V, T0C

Residual capacity loss

Per month 3.5%, First Month

Operating temperature

Charging: 0~60C, Discharging: -20~60C

Cell Weight


Storage temperature


Storage ambient humidity

< 85% ROH, no condensation

Typical dimension(W*H*T)


Rest SOC




Cycle performance

7000 Cycles@70%SOH

314ah lifepo4 battery in stock 314ah lifepo4 battery in stock

314ah lifepo4 cell with screwsdimensions of 314ah lifepo4 cell with screws

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