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Evlithium Limited was founded in Sep of 2007,with development of 10 years hard work,we become one of leading LiFePO4 battery supplier from China.we have been cooperating with top 20 LifePO4 battery manufacturer located in China as international sales partner and technicla support center.with a 600 square meter warehouse in shenzhen airport and 5 full time workers,we can provide the high quality LiFePO4 battery rapidly after clients place order. most of the smaple trial order are delivered by air within 3 days after place order. for the volume order, it normally takes around 2-3weeks for us to select, test, cycling, package and domestic delivery before ship them by sea.
at this moment, we can provide
56AH,75AH,90AH EVE LiFePO4 Battery; (Aluminum Case)
66AH, 80AH and 120AH CATL LiFePO4 Battery; (Aluminum Case)
40AH, 60AH, 100AH, 200AH, 300AH, 400AH LiFePO4 Battery; (Plastic Case)
72AH(Aluminum Case), 100AH, 180AH and 200AH CALB LiFePO4 Battery; (Plastic Case)
40AH, 60AH, 90AH, 130AH, 160AH, 200AH, 300AH, 400AH, 700AH and 1000AH LiFePO4 Battery; (Plastic Case)
5AH, 10AH, 20AH, 40AH, 50AH, 60AH, 100AH LiFePO4 Battery (Aluminum Case)
and battery pack with LiFePO4 battery cells.
we provide service to hundreds of client mainly from Europe, North America and Australia &New Zealand and countries from Asia.
no matter what's the LiFePO4 Battery you need, we can provide them at reasonable price and help you deliver them safely to you in time.
400AH LiFePO4 Battery In Stock144V200AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack

24V200AH LiFePO4 Battery