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Home > E-bike battery>silver fish battery pack

Capacity:(0.2 C5A) 10Ah 

Nominal Voltage36V 

Charge Voltage: 42V 

Discharge Cut-off Voltage25V 

Standard charge current2A 

Max. continuous discharge current20A 

Max. pulse discharge current(30s)30A 

Battery Structure5P10SIMR18650-2000 Add PCM 

Packaging Shell107.5x75x385mm

Weight (Approx.)4.5Kg 

Impedance (Max, at 1000Hz)170mΩ

Cycle Life80DOD%):800 times

Self-discharge Rate3% 

Charge Method (CC/CV)

Standard0.2C5A×6.5 hr. 

Quick1 C5A×2.5 hr. 

Operating Temperature




Silver fish electric bike battery, its a kind of lithium battery for e-bike,which is very popular in Australia, EU and North America. 
The size of the frog battery case is very small.its really nice.
there are 24v10ah, 36v10ah and 48v10ah for electric bike and 36v20ah/48v/20ah for electric scooter

Here are some different type lithium battery for e-bike.

Frog fish electric bike battery

Dolphin/tube electric bike battery

Rear rack electric bike battery


Gear motor performance:

Voltage:24V-48V               Max speed:25km/h

Power:150w-350w              Load:120kg-180kg

Specification:12"-28"(700C)      Range:35KM-50KM

Front gear motor support disc brake

Rear gear motor support disc brake and 6-9 speed gears.

gear motor 250w-350w

36XF07-AW-LCD kit

Anti-water 3 Pins

Anti-water controller

Anti-water kit after installation: