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3.2V 306Ah PF173-306A LiFePO4 Battery Prismatic Cell For Energy Storage System

306ah lifepo4 battery cell

3.2V 306Ah prismatic lifepo4 cell with 12000cycles @70%DOD for Grid ESS/Commercial and Industrial ESS/E-Vessel



Compliant with GB, UL, CB global access certification.

Thinner cell solution, which can fundamentally solve the heatproblem at its source.

Long Cycle Life

Cycle life 12,000 +

Easy Installation

Platform and modular design
Plug-and-play for easier maintenance.

306ah lifepo4 cell
Product specifications PF173-306A
Material type LFP
Rated capacity (Ah) 306Ah
Rated voltage (V) 3.2V
Charge/discharge rate (P) 0.5
Energy efficiency 95%
Cycle life(25¡æ£¬@70%SOH) 12000
Dimensions (W*L*H mm) 71.5*174.4*207.2mm
Weight (kg) 5.67kg
Application fields Grid ESS/Commercial and Industrial ESS/E-Vessel
Testing and certification GB/CCS/UN38.3/UL/IEC

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