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3.2V 20Ah lifepo4 Prismatic battery cell with bolt design

3.2V 20Ah lifepo4 cell3.2V 20Ah lifepo4 cell with bolt desgin

Product Details


Nominal voltage:3.2V

Nominal capacity:20Ah

Internal resistance:2m

Max.continuouscharge current:1C

Max. continuous discharge current:2C

Max. impulse discharge current:3C

Cycle life:2000 times

Charge temperature:0C~45C

Discharge temperature:-20C~60C

Storage temperature:-20C~45C



Application:ESS, power supply, EV

1. The 3.2V 20Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell with excellent performance.
2. Long cycle life: Rechargeable lithium ion battery cell, with more than 2000 times of cycle life,  which is around 7 times compared to the lead acid battery.
3. Light weight: Approximately 1/3 weight of lead acid batteries.
4. Excellent safety: It is believed in the industry that the LiFePO4 technology is almost the safest type of lithium battery.
5. Bolt design: Very easy for assembling and packing to the battery pack for energy storage and power supply application.
6. No memory effect. Lithium batteries are considered to have no memory effect that other rechargeable batteries have. The memory effect is an effect in which the battery content is crystallized due to use of the battery. The reason is that the battery is repeatedly partially charged and discharged incompletely. It will temporarily reduce the capacity of the battery, resulting in shorter talk time.

Applications For Reference

Energy storage equipment

Energy storage equipment for solar and wind power generation systems, uninterrupted power system UPS, and solar cells used as energy storage equipment ;

Electric tools

High-power electric tools (wireless), electric drills, weeders, etc.;

Light electric vehicles

Electric motor vehicles, "electric bicycles," recreational vehicles, "golf carts," electric pushers, "clean vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV);

Small equipment

Medical equipment: (electric wheelchair, electric scooter), toys (remote control electric airplane, car, boat);

Other small electrical appliances

Miners lamps, implantable medical devices (lithium iron phosphate is non-toxic, and only iron lithium can meet the requirements for lithium batteries), replacing lead acid, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, lithium cobalt, and lithium manganese batteries in small electrical appliances.

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