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8pcs of 700Ah Winston Batteries were shipped to Australia

8pcs of 700Ah Winston Batteries were shipped to Australia

We delivered 8 pcs of 3.2V700Ah Winston batteries to Australia by sea,these3.2V700Ah Winston batteries are the quality lifepo4 lithium
battery produced by ThunderSky Winston.The 700Ah Winston batteries are packed in wooden boxes filled with sponge paddings,so they
can be shipped to Australia safely and fast.

3.2V700Ah Winston batteries AustraliaRechargeable lithium battery

The 3.2V700Ah Winston battery is a high power lithium iron phosphate battery with a long cycle life and high energy density. It is used
widely in RV/solar system/yacht/golf carts/energy storage and car.
We are the leading Winston Batteries dealer,if you have any demand,please feel free to contact us and we will provide the quality
battery and superior service for you.

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